List of services we provide.
Architectural Shingle Installation

Certified in our high-quality use of Owens Corning asphalt shingles for new installation and re-roofing, we provide our clients with architectural roofing shingles in a variety of artisan colors. Your vision is important to us as we design your new roof and help you in planning the color scheme to accompany your home.

Specific to your desires, architectural roofing shingles are made of thicker asphalt and are made to mock the look of such materials as clay, slate, and cedar. With each design, architectural shingles add to the dimension of your roof, lending high-impact design quality and unique textures to your home’s overall look.

Fascia Installation & Repair

Fascia is one of the most important parts of a roofing system. Located along the edges of your roofing, connected to rafters or trusses, fascia is a finishing component that acts as a buffer zone to protect wood along edges from moisture, thereby keeping the entire house/roof moisture-free.

As fascia is one of the shields that keeps other components of your roof dry, it often is subjected to the elements that leave it worn, instead. For this reason, fascia commonly needs replacing, especially in older homes or those that lie in high-rain/storm areas.

When fascia rots, it adds risk to some of the most vulnerable parts of your roof to damage. Water, once introduced into your roofing system, will seep farther in and continue to spread, damaging or adding to your problem. Replacing fascia when it rots or is waterlogged is key in ensuring that both your roof and the interior of your home continue to be water damage-free.

Fascia can also be at risk when heavy storms are a threat in your area. With tropical storms hitting, residents and business owners will find the need to react accordingly with the protection of their properties. Roof health is number one in going up against a high-wind, debris-ridden, and moist storm system. Fascia will sometimes incur damage while blocking other parts of your roof from the storm. If you notice damage, All Angles LLC is ready to replace your less-than-perfect areas with durable fascia in different styles and materials for your preferences.

Patch Roofing

Patch work for roofs on homes and businesses mends current problems, often which are causing internal leaks, and keeps your roof safe from further damage. Patching materials are often cement-based, with a rubber-like component, which seals shingles and under layers, while also filling any points of damage, punctures, or tears.

For patching services, All Angles LLC performs tests on your roof to find every possible instance of damage. After assessment, we plot out the points needing repair and our roofing professionals patch each spot with precision, making certain to stop any leaks from occurring inside your structure.